We can provide our customer with an accurate quote after receiving the required: Request A Travel Chaperone/Quote form, from our customer.

If our customer wishes that we do the travel arrangements, we will research to locate the best available airfares, accommodations & ground transportations available at the date & time of the requested journey & meet our customer’s needs, we will provide our customer with a quote.

Bank Transfer, Paypal, Major Credit cards, and Cash At Certain Locations.

Our travel chaperones are experienced national & international chaperones, each has passed an extensive background check, medical, check, & evaluations.

Our assigned travel chaperone can pick you or your loved ones up from your location or departure airport, and at the arrival airport the same chaperone will arrange your or your loved ones safe arrival home, hotel, hospital, school, etc., depending on the furnished information on the Request A Travel Chaperone/Quote Form.


Yes the travel chaperone will help you or your loved ones with: check-in baggage, carry-on, at departure airport & claim at arrival airport. All luggage must be within the weight limitation of the airlines.

The travel chaperone accompanying you or your loved ones will send periodic cell phone messages when permitted to the designated person named on the Request A Travel Chaperone/Quote Form, during the entire trip, he / she will be informed of any significant changes including flight delays or cancellations, and some sort of arrangements will be made but be assured that you or your loved ones will not be left alone under any circumstances until they arrive at final destinations.

We travel & chaperone anywhere in the world, except the following countries. Due to civil unrest in the following countries we do no fly to or conduct chaperone services to or from these countries:
Central African Republic (CAR).
North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).
South Sudan.

No problem, you just need to pick a country other than of the above-mentioned countries that is closer to your country for your departure and return journey.

Yes. Our travel chaperone can accompany you or your loved ones for a single flight or for your or your loved ones entire vacation and also bring you or your loved ones back home safe & sound. Maximum of 28 days per trip.

Yes. With the availability required paperwork needed by most countries including the USA we can chaperone children from the age of 6 to 17. A 30 days reservation is needed prior to the travel date for chaperoning a child.

No. but with pre-arranged requests we can have a registered & licensed Travel Chaperone Nurse and provide you or your loved ones with the required medical assistance based on commercial airlines, private jets, or air ambulance regulations, etc, and based on the medical condition of the escortee/s.

No. We chaperone anyone who needs assistance before, during, and after flight to include: seniors, elderly, children, students, or anyone who lacks the required language at final destination as well as anyone who just does not want to travel alone.

No. Our female travel chaperones will only chaperone female escortee/s, couples & children (No exceptions).

Our female chaperones will pick you or your loved ones from outside your home proceeding straight to the departure airport (They will not go inside your house) (No exceptions).

Our female travel chaperones will pick you up from the lobby of your hotel, they will not pick you up from your hotel room. (No exceptions).

Yes we do, general liability insurance policy. Proof of insurance is provided upon request.

A pre-arranged meal with the designated airline, a meal or special meal could be provided during the flight based on our customer’s request on the Request A Travel Chaperone/Quote Form and depending on if the airline would provide meals during flight.

Yes the travel chaperone will feed the escortee/s if he /she cannot feed themselves during the whole journey.

No, we also chaperone group tours to many destinations. Please check our website to check our Chaperoned & Non-Chaperoned group tours.

Yes all of our group tours are escorted group tours at selected final destinations.

Yes & No, some destinations we do and some destinations the traveler must apply directly for the entry visa.

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